Yago Hortal

Yago Hortal (via)
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The Art of the Novella

I’ve been a bookworm lately. And I find myself subconsciously drifting towards the novella section of my local bookstore during each visit – mostly because the simplicity of the design of this series pleases me so. This bold and perfectly curated selection of color is dazzling on the shelves and certainly draws  your attention from across the store. I’d like to read them all, perhaps starting with “A Simple Heart.” All hail the novella! (Brooklyn based Melville House Publishing and more novellas here)
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Katey and Stephen Wedding Invitation Set

Oh boy, was this fun to make. Made for my best friend for her upcoming wedding.
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Don’t Drink Too Much

This caught my eye today and delighted me. I’ve been absent here lately only because I’ve been a busy bee! Moving neighborhoods (Hello, Fort Greene) and lots of design work. I hope to update the blog very soon with pictures of a new home, a new neighborhood, and new work. Have a wonderful weekend – and remember – don’t drink too much. (Photo via)
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Sunday in Red Hook, Brooklyn

I spent my Sunday wandering around Red Hook – enjoying coffee at Stumptown, Brunch at Fort Defiance, and finding a curbside bag of vintage clothing that was full of treasures in my size.
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Who Will Comfort Toffle?

I found ‘Who Will Comfort Toffle?’ at Bergen Street Comics, much to my surprise and delight. I saw it displayed in the window, seeming to wait patiently to bring me inconceivable amounts of joy. This story is written and illustrated by Scandinavian artist Tove Jansson. It tells the story of a lonely, broken-hearted Toffle finding his much deserved companionship in the shy but lovable Miffle after a treacherous defeat of the Groke. A lovely celebration ensues, and the author makes sure to note that they live happily ever after.
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A yodel? Don’t mind if I do!

I’ve been shamelessy indulging in my fair share of yodelling these days. Enjoy. (Photo via)
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