Nuria Mora

I made it to Brooklyn safe and sound – in a hilariously short 10 foot moving truck. My room is more than chaotic with all of the stuff that I couldn’t BARE to live without. I somehow managed to bring sixteen different vintage casserole dishes, but left home without my computer. BAH!! I’m waiting for it to arrive in the mail so I can resume some pending design and illustration work and normal blogging and such. Until then, I’m mooching off friends’ computers and whatnot.
I spend the most amount of transit time above ground on the J train – which is infinitely more interesting than being below ground. Street and graffiti art are obviously an integral part of the visual make-up of New York and it makes me think of how much I love Madrid-based artist Nuria Mora. Also, check out an interesting Street Art Exhibition including Nora Muria by the Tate Modern.
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One Response to Nuria Mora

  1. Mandy says:

    I knew you made it, But I’ve been waiting for a blog update and it all makes sense now the the whole no-computer-thing.
    I know “the cold” was a common concerning theme about the move – so try staying warm during the big blizzard!

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