Julie, Color, & A Happy Weekend

I am happy to share these bewitchingly charming pictures of my dear sister, Julie, from our family Thanksgiving Photo Shoot. It’s a bit gray here in Brooklyn today, so smiles and bright colors are a welcomed retreat.
This weekend, I will finally muster the courage to try to make this cake after a shameful failed attempt about a year ago. I will have lots of brunch (one to meet a new friend). I will eat at a quintessential Brooklyn diner (yet to be determined) and then come home and watch Diner on Netflix. Do lots of wandering. And watch Puppy Bowl as a temporary antidote for my severe case of Puppy Fever.
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One Response to Julie, Color, & A Happy Weekend

  1. Suzanne says:

    These will always be some of my favorite Moore shots! Such a perfect representation of your colorful personalities and lives!!! And yes, Puppy Bowl is essential. Hope NYC is treating you well. I’m dying to get back up there – maybe this summer, so hopefully I’ll get to see your new digs when I make it up there!!! 🙂

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