Business Cards

Christina Heaston’s business cards make me very happy. Revel in the beauty of her work on her new site!
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You remind me of the babe! The babe with the power!

This Helsinki, Finland mother creates imaginative, magical worlds with anything she can get her hands on while her sweet beeb sleeps soundly. I hope this makes your boots light, as it did for me.                                     (Via Mila’s Daydream Blog)
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Josh Rigsby Photography Logo


Let it be known that Josh Rigsby is an incredible wedding and lifestyle photographer. I was lucky enough to design a handmade logo for him that fits his quirky and playful style.
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Happy Birthday, Johnny!

I’ve got a birthday party to attend this weekend. That’s right. It’s Johnny Cash’s 79th Birthday and I’m going to celebrate with the best of them at The Bell House. Many of you know that I love Johnny like no other. And on a related sidenote, if you’re looking for a good read, I highly recommend one of his autobiographies so cleverly entitled Johnny Cash: The Autobiography. (Photo above via.)
You were a good man, Johnny Cash. A good man, indeed.
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Paintings for Sale

I have three paintings for sale that are currently located in Charleston, South Carolina. I now live in Brooklyn, so I’ve decided to bid a final farewell to some artwork that would make a bold addition to your home or office. Think of how sophisticated you’d feel by replacing your current generic IKEA artwork with a real painting. Shipping arrangements can be made for those outside the Charleston area.
Contact for more information.
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The ongoing quest (a good three-year-long journey) for the perfect boots has ended. Searching for an amazingly comfy everyday boot that had a bit of flavor and just the right amount of intangible perfection was a very difficult task. I went with a burgundy/red color with gray laces and stitching and think these will do the trick (for now). I thought it wasn’t meant to be when the New York store no longer had my desired color and size. Alas, LA had the last and only pair and it’s being shipped now. Thanks, John Fluevog!
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Happy Weekend!

Isn’t this the most wondrous? (via Black Eiffel via Kate Spade)
This three-day weekend will include spending some quality time with some design work and gouache, a five hour French film, the new Radiohead album, drinks with new friends, coffee at Cafe Pedlar, a good meal at a new restaurant (yet to be determined), and continuing my ongoing quest for the perfect boots. And being dragged to see Cedar Rapids. And wandering, as always. I hope you have a weekend that’s lovely and adventurous – or snugly and quiet – (include hot chocolate, in the case of the latter.)
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